Every Homeowner’s Guide in Creating a Comfortable Living Room

Tips to Design a Cozy Living Room

Everybody wants a living room that can provide comfort and warmth after a long day at work or from travelling. So how does one create a comfortable living room? The secret to build a cozy yet elegant living room space is about layers, setting up a conversational seating, and arranging a visually and functionally stimulating room. To help you achieve this goal, here are 9 tips from expert designer to assist you on your way.

  1. 31Focus on the architecture. Figure out the natural circulation of space for you to understand how much usable space you have and how you can maximize the space available.
  2. The most engaging setting arrangement is the circular one. This is because a circular position of seats a central table in the middle allows an easy ebb and flow of conversation and movement of the people therein.
  3. Consider adapting the salon style art. This is done by choosing a big wall and making a statement by hanging a large painting, and letting the rest of the space a breathing place.
  4. Show off your books. This is because the presence of stacks of books in your living room easily creates warmth, adds personality and intrigue, which are the things that could make your living room a perfect place to hang out.
  5. Have at least one mirror in your living room. The reason behind is that mirrors reflect light that tricks the eyes to see a larger space. Look for a stunning mirror that offers good reflection and interest.
  6. Play with layers of light. Mix a number of small and big lamps and lamplights to create an artistic layers of subtle and bright lights.
  7. Invest on rugs. Having a stunning carpet can easily transform your living space into a warm, cozy, and classy living room. There are plenty of choices that you can choose from, but be interesting.
  8. Hang the perfect draperies. Aside from rugs, draperies can also make a room feel relaxed and elegant at the same time. If you can afford to buy quality curtains, go ahead. It’s worth the investment. If not, Roman shades are also classy alternative.
  9. Keep clutter from your living room. This may sound a cliche but this is one of the most common mistakes of homeowners. Asses your living space and decide which stuff stays and which needs to go to the tray.

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